Starting to work on an Operating System 
While I was in Japan, I found this very nice book (in Japanese), which I didn't buy there since it was quite heavy..

After getting back to Finland, I tried to find such a book in English, but couldn't find one really, so I ordered the book from Japan.

It is written in very informal style, like teacher informally chatting with the student, which makes it very easy to read and easy to approach. All in all, I really like it!

However, the thing is it is mainly targeted for windows user, which is why it comes with a CD-ROM with customized compilers and assember for the project. Since I'm running Linux as my work OS, I wanted to do it with the tools existing for linux, that is GCC and GAS (GNU Assembler), dd and the like. I felt that, since these tools already exists, I should learn to use them rather than some customized tools that are harder to get. There is support page for the book, which has some tips for following the book on Linux. That is wonderful, though most of it is not quite what I want, for example they are compling the customized tools for linux or just usin WINE for the task.

So, hopefully I will be writing here about some endeavors I've faced. I have already started working on this.

See you next time!

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