I'm bit unactive here at the moment 
But I write occasionally to my "studying in Japan" blog, which you can find here

I'll be updating here more when I start making more some electronics stuff so I can make maybe some videos and so on.. I'll get back to it one day!

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On studying 
Studying, it's what most people do until their mid-twenties or so.

Studying is kind of phenomena of our age. The more you study, the higher you are usually put in the system, at least stereotypically.

Studying is considered to pretty much decide what you are going to do the rest of your life.

Although I've yet experienced only the finnish university system, which I personally do like quite much, I've heard a lot about the system for example in USA. Putting all the financial stuff aside, the system is quite different considering expectations of companies employing fresh graduates. I have heard people say a lot something like "You go through university to get a job, where they will teach you who to really do the things". This sounds rather perverted to me. Ofcourse it is impossible to learn everything at any school. But I think graduates should be little more prepared when going to their first job. This is actually not much different from finnish system. It also varies a lot by the motivation of the student.

So you might ask, "If the real stuff is taught at work, what purpose is there to go through the university then". Well, No matter what you build on void, it is destined to crumble sooner or later. You need a basis. I think universities help students build this basis, give tools to approach the field and teach the terminology so that the person can understand some of the jargon used where ever they later will work.

"Lifelong learning" is some kind of word of the day too. I think it is turning into kind of curse in students mouth. But I also find it very true and personally it sounds interesting to me. Personally, I'm not studying in the university to get a job or secure my future. For the most part I'm there because I find the teachings interesting. I think more people should have this motivation.

For example, the image I have of stereotypical Finnish university student is an unmotivated person, who drinks a lot and only cares about passing the courses, be it just above failure or whatnot. It is of course understandable, that not everyone can be motivated to try to get the higher grades, nor can everyone achieve them, their purpose after all, is to grade the students, are they good at it or are they not.

Still, apparently, even these stereotypical students seem to make it well out in the world. Maybe there is time for everyone when they get a grip and pull it through.

I think university is the best the educational world can give you, after all that crap in school. So go for it.

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About 囲碁(Go) 
It's an amazing game. Such simple rules, such complicated gameplay. It's fun, instructive, helps your logic thinking.. Only thing bad in it is it takes one more slice of my precious time. But that doesn't matter, it's such fun and rests my nerves.

I might later be posting some games or positions I've found interesting in games I've seen or played.

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We should really have only one character encoding 
Really now, what's the point of having dozens of those encodings. I'm sure UTF-8 lacks somewhere, but I have managed with it so far.

Even this blog had some ISO charset as default for english. It could have been UTF-8 right away. Well, can't complain, since it's open source and I could easily modify it. But the software that are not open source.. They sometimes give me an headache.

So, I recommend everyone to read this: The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)
I haven't yet read it all, but it makes sense to me so far.

Recently I also worked on an embedded project where I got into some problems with charsets.. Got it compiling nicely in Linux environment though. Sadly it's not working on the hardware yet. Maybe something more on that later.

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In the beginning 

I got my server this morning and did everything as practiced, and here I am, writing an blog entry on my own server! Yay.

More to come sometime...

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