OK, this something like I will try to aim at 
it's an real peltor headset!

but not wireless.. So mine will be better in some respect :)

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Fitting my headset electronics to new frame 
Ok now, my headset is completely ruined I guess. I bought this logitech ClearChat wireless headset few years ago. After few months the left speaker started cutting. I took it apart and found out some wire had just broken. After replacement it was good as new again. But then, I had to do this like every six months or so. And then the frame started falling apart.. And now it has started cutting again. And it looks like this:

So, I can't push it much further, I have to buy new set I thought at first.. But since the electronics work quite nicely I thought it'd be a waste and started thinkin about fitting the insides to some cheap headset with better frame. But as one could expect, cheap stuff didn't have any good frames.. and then I happened to see some advertisement and I got it. It'd put the stuff inside these Peltor earcups!

Got them pretty cheap (20€) and now I got them:

Now I have to plan out the holes, buttons and wiring.. and then it's fitting time!

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In search of simple circuit editor 
I was looking for a free and easy to use, preferably open source circuit diagram editor without any fancy features like simulating and such. I just wanted to draw some simple circuits for my report.

Well, I tried XCircuit, QElectrotech and so on..

and finally found CircuitLab.

I used to be vary about web applications, but this was exactly what I was searching for: Platform independent, intuitive and easy to use, perfect for drawing simple circuits!

If you're interested in electronics, try it out!

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チキン       300グラム
ご飯       ~300グラム
玉ねぎ       2個
生クリーム     2デシ
生卵        3個
好きなスパイス  (せめて潮、胡椒とか)




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About 囲碁(Go) 
It's an amazing game. Such simple rules, such complicated gameplay. It's fun, instructive, helps your logic thinking.. Only thing bad in it is it takes one more slice of my precious time. But that doesn't matter, it's such fun and rests my nerves.

I might later be posting some games or positions I've found interesting in games I've seen or played.

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