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      • Starting to work on an Operating System
        While I was in Japan, I found this very nice book (in Japanese), which I didn't buy there since it was quite heavy..

        After getting back to Finland, I tried to find such a book in English, but couldn't find one really, so I ordered the book from Japan.

        It is written

      • Check it once more
        There is this one course project we were doing. Since we specified the board quite small, so we decided to order the board from a manufacturer, since we found one cheap enough for our budget. We waited for 3 weeks for the boards to arrive. It was then 3 weeks before the deadline.

        We happi

      • Wireless headset mod v1
        Hello everyone, I got my headset mod ready few days ago (finally) and here's kind of a report of the process.

        It all started with this Logitech Clearchat Wireless headset:Few years old headset, casing and frame was crumbling apart.

        This headset, also known for a design mis

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