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  • 2014
    • January
      • Jolla Sailfish OS & Simple weather app
        The new Jolla phone was released last year and has been out there for few months now. The phone runs Sailfish OS, which has roots in old Nokia / Intel MeeGo project.

        When I got my device, there were no weather apps so I decided to write one. It utilizes the free API. Sc

  • 2013
    • December
      • OSventures, part 2
        Since last blog post a lot has happened. First off, I was really busy for the few last months writing my master's thesis, so I haven't progressed on my OS or other projects at all. But finally, I got everything worked out and I graduated as M.Sc. in electrical engineering on 2013-12-04. Af

    • October
      • Starting to work on an Operating System
        While I was in Japan, I found this very nice book (in Japanese), which I didn't buy there since it was quite heavy..

        After getting back to Finland, I tried to find such a book in English, but couldn't find one really, so I ordered the book from Japan.

        It is written

      • Check it once more
        There is this one course project we were doing. Since we specified the board quite small, so we decided to order the board from a manufacturer, since we found one cheap enough for our budget. We waited for 3 weeks for the boards to arrive. It was then 3 weeks before the deadline.

        We happi

      • Wireless headset mod v1
        Hello everyone, I got my headset mod ready few days ago (finally) and here's kind of a report of the process.

        It all started with this Logitech Clearchat Wireless headset:Few years old headset, casing and frame was crumbling apart.

        This headset, also known for a design mis

  • 2012
    • November
      • OK, this something like I will try to aim at
        it's an real peltor headset!

        but not wireless.. So mine will be better in some respect :)

      • Fitting my headset electronics to new frame
        Ok now, my headset is completely ruined I guess. I bought this logitech ClearChat wireless headset few years ago. After few months the left speaker started cutting. I took it apart and found out some wire had just broken. After replacement it was good as new again. But then, I had to do this like ev

      • In search of simple circuit editor
        I was looking for a free and easy to use, preferably open source circuit diagram editor without any fancy features like simulating and such. I just wanted to draw some simple circuits for my report.

        Well, I tried XCircuit, QElectrotech and so on..

        and finally found CircuitLab.<

      • 今日作った料理でーーーす!

        チキン       300グラム
        ご飯       ~300グラム
        玉ねぎ       2個
        生クリーム     2デシ
        生卵        3個

      • I'm back.
        I'm coming back here,
        there will be new category to add, cooking.

        And, I will probably write in Japanese occasionally... If you're interested ask for translations!

        See you, readers!

    • March
      • I'm bit unactive here at the moment
        But I write occasionally to my "studying in Japan" blog, which you can find here

        I'll be updating here more when I start making more some electronics stuff so I can make maybe some videos and so on.. I'll get back to it one day!

  • 2010
    • December
      • On studying
        Studying, it's what most people do until their mid-twenties or so.

        Studying is kind of phenomena of our age. The more you study, the higher you are usually put in the system, at least stereotypically.

        Studying is considered to pretty much decide what you are going to do th

    • November
      • About 囲碁(Go)
        It's an amazing game. Such simple rules, such complicated gameplay. It's fun, instructive, helps your logic thinking.. Only thing bad in it is it takes one more slice of my precious time. But that doesn't matter, it's such fun and rests my nerves.

        I might later be post

      • We should really have only one character encoding
        Really now, what's the point of having dozens of those encodings. I'm sure UTF-8 lacks somewhere, but I have managed with it so far.

        Even this blog had some ISO charset as default for english. It could have been UTF-8 right away. Well, can't complain, since it's open s

      • In the beginning

        I got my server this morning and did everything as practiced, and here I am, writing an blog entry on my own server! Yay.

        More to come sometime...