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      • About 囲碁(Go)
        It's an amazing game. Such simple rules, such complicated gameplay. It's fun, instructive, helps your logic thinking.. Only thing bad in it is it takes one more slice of my precious time. But that doesn't matter, it's such fun and rests my nerves.

        I might later be post

      • We should really have only one character encoding
        Really now, what's the point of having dozens of those encodings. I'm sure UTF-8 lacks somewhere, but I have managed with it so far.

        Even this blog had some ISO charset as default for english. It could have been UTF-8 right away. Well, can't complain, since it's open s

      • In the beginning

        I got my server this morning and did everything as practiced, and here I am, writing an blog entry on my own server! Yay.

        More to come sometime...