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      • OK, this something like I will try to aim at
        it's an real peltor headset!

        but not wireless.. So mine will be better in some respect :)

      • Fitting my headset electronics to new frame
        Ok now, my headset is completely ruined I guess. I bought this logitech ClearChat wireless headset few years ago. After few months the left speaker started cutting. I took it apart and found out some wire had just broken. After replacement it was good as new again. But then, I had to do this like ev

      • In search of simple circuit editor
        I was looking for a free and easy to use, preferably open source circuit diagram editor without any fancy features like simulating and such. I just wanted to draw some simple circuits for my report.

        Well, I tried XCircuit, QElectrotech and so on..

        and finally found CircuitLab.<

      • 今日作った料理でーーーす!

        チキン       300グラム
        ご飯       ~300グラム
        玉ねぎ       2個
        生クリーム     2デシ
        生卵        3個

      • I'm back.
        I'm coming back here,
        there will be new category to add, cooking.

        And, I will probably write in Japanese occasionally... If you're interested ask for translations!

        See you, readers!

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